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Home Computer Service for the LC Valley
We feature Dell hardware, Microsoft Windows operating systems, and AVG antivirus software. 
If we can't fix it there's no fee.

Computer Set-Up Service
Clarity Concepts will configure you computer(s) according to your specifications.  We can set you up with automated backups, a secure firewall to connect you to the Internet safely, and many other customizations.  We also provide training so that you will feel comfortable working with your new system.

Nework Design and Installation
Do you want to deploy multiple computers throughout your home and have them all share files, share the printer, and access the Internet?  Let Clarity Concepts design and install a home network that will give you the versatility to move around your home and yard while maintaining access to information. 
Do you want to access your information while you are away from home?  Let Clarity Concepts configure your network to support secure remote access. 

Home Computer Repair Service
Get you computers repaired correctly, quickly and cost-effectively.  Clarity Concepts will help you determine whether to repair or replace your hardware, and make necessary data transfers to new devices.
Pickup and Delivery
Prompt Turnaround
Data Recovery