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Clarity Concepts specializes in financial data management and bookkeeping for small and medium sized businesses.
We can perform all accounting functions on a temporary basis, from accounts payable processing to controller-by-the-hour services, to ensure smooth transitions during employee absences.  Alternatively, we can provide these services routinely for business that do not require full-time accounting staff.
Both operating and financial data must be tracked thoroughly and thoughtfully in a successfully operating business. We will design and maintain databases and spreadsheets that track key operating data.  We will also troubleshoot your existing databases and spreadsheets to improve performance.  Finally we will create more meaningful reporting so you can translate operating details into valuable management tools.  
We often find that we can streamline finance-related business processes and thereby increase profitability.  
Our suite of Financial Data Management Services includes:

Strategic Planning
•  Financial Statement Review and Analysis
•  Liquidity and Debt Service Analysis
•  Ratio and Trend Analysis
Financial Data Management
•  Access Database Design and Management
•  Excel Spreadsheet Design and Management
•  Reconcilation of Accounts

•  Account Reconciliations
•  Payroll and Related Tax Filings
•  Inventory Management
•  Accounts Payable and Cash Flow Management
•  Accounts Receivable Reconcilation and Collection

Audit Liasion Services
•  Provide Temporary Assistance during Audit
•  Assist in Preparation for Audit
•  Assist in Implementation of Internal Controls
•  Work Process Flowcharting