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Hosted VoIP Telephone Service
Let the telephone company own, maintain, and house your telephone switch (key system/PBX) in addition to providing you with dial tone.  You buy only the telephones, and you manage your system through a web portal.  The system scales automatically and you never need to worry about your next upgrade.  Clarity Concepts sells and implements the FreedomVoice® Cloud PBX.  Features of this system include:

  • Designed for Business
  • Excellent Call Quality (twice the frequency range of normal telephones)
  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling in the US and Canada
  • No New Equipment Required (though most choose to buy IP phones)
  • Number Transport (keep current telephone numbers)
  • Advanced Call Routing and Queuing (transfer, conference, call center, etc.)
  • Multi-site and Home Office Integration (as if all phones were in one office)
  • Direct Dial (each phone has its own telephone number)
  • Cell Phone and Home Phone Extensions
  • Auto-Attendant (can answer all calls or answer only when no one is in the office)
  • Unified Messaging (voice messages emailed as MP3 attachments)
  • Paperless Faxing (send and receive from your computer)
  • Over 25,000 Businesses Use FreedomVoice's Cloud PBX

The cost to implement hosted service is low compared to the cost of a new traditional telephone system.  Monthly recurring charges are generally lower, and there is no maintenance cost.

Get more information at FreedomVoice®.
Run the FreedomVoice Speed Test to see if your current network is ready for hosted IP telephone service.

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